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Rural women, especially those living in saline water regions have a hard time collecting drinking water and purifying it for making it potable. Water Still purifies brackish water by utilising the sun rays - hence a simple, inexpensive and sustainable renewable energy technology.


Solar Water Still comprises a small shallow tank of the desired capacity, constructed from entirely indigenous materials which are locally available. The bottom of the tank is painted with suitable black paint.  The tank is covered with glass sheets, by propping up wooden supports to form a sloping roof over the tank. Central portion of the still is kept high and the glass sheets touch the side walls.


This technology is based on the simple evaporation-condensation principle by the virtue of which the sun evaporates the sea-water and then condenses it to culminate into pure rain water. Saline water is fed into the tank which is exposed to the sun. The black bottom of the tank absorbs solar energy and gets heated. The heat evaporates the tank water which condenses on the glass sheet and finally converts into drops of pure drinking water. This purified water collects in the channel running through a tap. Hence, you get clean hygienic drinking water by simply turning on the tap and storing this water for further usage. The average output of the still is 2 to 3 litres of drinking water per day per square metre of the area.