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  • Totally automatic  systems with PLC controls are made for pressure Circulation Solar Water Heating Systems.


  • Mangla Bros. using low emmissivity and selective coating having high solar absorptivity for the best performance of the system.


  • Horizontal toughened with low iron glass used for better performance and protection.


  • Tube ensures a very high degree of thermal efficiency & Copper-Copper Laser/Ultrasonic  and thermal stability. service life, corrosion resistence and Weld strength are equal to that of parent metal.


  • Mangla Bros systems are durable, having life and suitable for heating the fluid upto high degree celsius.


  • Mangla Bros Team work with high efficiency even on cloudy days. Due to low emissivity, high absorptivity selective coating used.


  • Anodised Extruded Aluminimum Channel used for extra strngth, longer life and attractive look of the collector.


  • Our products are eco - friendly. Our products are under green energy zone.